Saturday, 15 June 2013

How to survive in social work: The Masked AMHP's latest Guardian piece

When dealing with hostile and aggressive people you should not take it personally, advises the blogger Masked AMHP.

You can read the Masked AMHP's latest piece in the Guardian Social Care Network here.


  1. No one should ever have to put up with hostile and aggressive behaviour and this article does cover an acceptance that some people need to vent at how they are treated. The only sad side to this is when Social Workers invent and create the statements that clients are aggressive to push there own agenda after a Social Care Complaint is raised, at present Staffordshire county council can not make up there mind if I am challenging or aggressive. I have an answer for them damn right I am challenging when you fail my grandfather and rescind on promises and lie to cover failings by your own staff respite Rant Over

  2. I am extremely frustrated at being constantly let down by my CMHT and this frustration shows itself in anger and aggression, and then the CMHT say they can't work with me because of this anger and aggression, which was brought on by their sheer incompetence. Vicious circle??

  3. Is it too much to dream of a day when frazzled, computer-bound CMHT workers and embattled clients actually work together to achieve aims? There will always be conflict (sometimes healthy for both) but the level of oppression we all experience at the sharp end makes more conflict inevitable. The tension is making co-operation so much harder to attain.