Sunday, 10 July 2011

Join The Masked AMHP's Facebook group!

The Masked AMHP now has a Facebook group. Join now (or when you can be bothered) to find out what The Masked AMHP's been up to each week, and to discuss the ins and outs of practice as an AMHP. Sec.2 or Sec.3? MHA or MCA? Sometimes it's just too close to call...

You can find the Masked AMHP Facebook Group here!

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  1. Go on. Friend him and set your status to 'OMG! i'm so mad wif my boyf an i'm so gonna stab him when he gets home!'

    What's the worst that could happen. :-)

  2. And if you link your mobile to your facebook account he'll know exactly where you are when he wants to come and lock you up.

    Friend a social worker? About as wise as friending a policeman.