Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Obscure (and Awful) AMHP Joke

Q: How many AMHP's does it take to change the fuse on a plug?
A: 13.
[Even more obscure (and terrible) answer: 13(4).]


  1. Is it sad that I laughed :)

  2. The only joke about the MHA I know concerns the duty officer in a CMHT. They were rung by the Police.

    The officer described a situation they ahd encountered. A man was in the local park and was behaving extremely strangely. (Insert florid symptoms here). The Police officer was of the view that the gentleman might need to be seen by a psychiatrist and generally have the opportunity to calm down.

    The duty officer listened sympathetically to the Police Officer and said, 'I'm afraid you'll need to bring him in on a 136'.

    The Police Officer replied, 'If you say so, but in my view, he's in no fit state to be using public transport'.

    (This joke demands knowledge of the MHA and the assumption that you live in a compact urban area with effective public transport links. Or perhaps it just isn't very funny)